Highlights #4 - the also rans

January 14, 2022

Highlights #4 - the also rans

I was very pleased with the response to my designs at both of the Needlework Expos that were held in 2021. They were a real bright spot in the otherwise cloudy conditions. Especially with Nashville being cancelled last year.

I was also kinda chuffed to see that my little studio made a great backdrop for my "virtual booth." I'm very blessed that I get to work in such a great space, with pretty things to look at and glorious sunshine streaming in through the windows. Here's a shot of how it looked for the August Expo:

Highlights #3 - the also rans - October House Fiber Arts Journal

That was the view behind me as I sat at my desk. 

Even though Sew Blessed was our bestseller, that doesn't mean it didn't have competition! Flosstube Friends and September Morning were close behind, and Shepherd Sampler was very popular as well. 

It's always interesting to me to see how a pattern sells. For instance, Love and Joy, a Christmas design I released in March, sold well. Then, as September & October rolled around, it had a little flurry of activity with everyone getting ready for Christmas stitching.

True Blue was a hit with all the blue lovers out there, like me:) I designed it to look good in my studio!

And it seems each year, a new group of people discover A Knitter's Sampler, one of my all-time bestsellers. 

Highlights #3 - the also rans - October House Fiber Arts Journal

I'm already excited to see what new designs everyone will like this year!

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