Every chart is checked and re-checked before printing, but despite our best efforts, sometimes an error or omission makes it through the publishing process. (Dang it!)
This page is the place to check for corrections.
Last update was April 25, 2024
I appreciate the shops and stitchers that bring these to my attention, and I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding!




Skinny Mini Patterns - All of the Skinny Minis are stitched with 1 strand of floss over 2 linen threads (referred to as "1 over 2"). This information is omitted on the patterns. (Includes Tomato Row, The Itch to Stitch, Snip Snip, Deck the Halls, and The Queen Bee.)

OH1268 Gingerbread Row - The symbol shown on the back page for WDW 2237 Hazelnut is incorrect. The correct symbol (m) is used in the chart. The last house on the right (no. 6) should be stitched in Hazelnut, not Brown Hen.
Charts shipped after April 22, 2024 are correct. 

OH1252 Tomato Row - The "X" symbol shown on the original chart is CC Cherry Tomato (along with L). The word "tomato" should be WDW Candy Apple. 
The second tomato should be CC Holly Berry with CC Rose Petal diamonds. The sixth tomato should be CC Holly Berry with CC Bandana diamonds. The last tomato should be WDW Candy Apple instead of CC Holly Berry.
Charts shipped after November 8, 2022 are correct.

OH1246 Strawberry Faire - The symbol key shows CC Persimmon as #152. It should be #142. 
Charts shipped after March 20, 2023 are correct.

OH1240 White Sheep - The symbol shown on the back page for CC 245 Tea & Biscuits is incorrect. The correct symbol (a tented triangle) is used in the chart.
Charts shipped after March 28, 2022 are correct.


OH1235 September Morning - The stitches for the inside portion of the green trefoil motifs (directly under the butterfly and under the dragonfly) should be stitched in CC Grasshopper, not in WDW Butter Bean as indicated.
Charts shipped after April 25, 2024 are correct.


OH1230 Flosstube Friends -- Page 5, the lady's hair should be the symbol for WDW 1223 Cocoa, not 1133 Conch. She should have brown hair, not skin tone hair:)  
Charts shipped after April 12, 2021 are correct.


OH1223 Friendly Blooms - The tulip stitched with WDW 2171 Emerald should be just one color. Omit WDW 2110 Jay Bird stitches in the interior of the flower and leave those stitches empty.
Charts shipped after May 6, 2021 are correct.