Every chart is checked and re-checked before printing, but despite our best efforts, sometimes an error or omission makes it through the publishing process. (Dang it!)
This page is the place to check for corrections.
I appreciate the stitchers that bring these to my attention, and I appreciate your patience and understanding!




OH1230 Flosstube Friends -- Page 5, the lady's hair should be the symbol for WDW 1223 Cocoa, not 1133 Conch. She should have brown hair, not skin tone hair:)  
Charts shipped after April 12, 2021 are correct.

OH1223 Friendly Blooms - The tulip stitched with WDW 2171 Emerald should be just one color. Omit WDW 2110 Jay Bird stitches in the interior of the flower and leave those stitches empty.
Charts shipped after May 6, 2021 are correct.