On my bookshelf: Baltimore Album Quilts

September 15, 2021

On my bookshelf: Baltimore Album Quilts

I've got a new small obsession...I'm determined to make an album style quilt!

On my bookshelf: Baltimore Album Quilts - October House Fiber Arts Journal

I have made a good many patchwork quilts, and a few that had some applique in them as well. But I've never made an entirely appliqued quilt...and I think that's where I'm headed.

The older I get the more I seem to appreciate handwork. Slow stitches. A needle pulling thread. Taking time to turn under a small seam allowance and making little tiny stitches. I just finished 4 small applique blocks as a test of sorts and I loved them. 

In the past I would've been looking for all the "shortcuts" to get a complicated or large project done as quickly as possible. But these days I don't really want a shortcut. I want to spend time - hours, days, weeks - working on an interesting and comforting process. It's almost a bonus that the end result is a beautiful quilt.

My first step is to make a few test blocks. Well, actually my first step is always to read, read, read and then read some more. I've read all the books in the photo above, plus a few more. (I love research!) 

Then I'll make the test blocks and decide what to do from there. Definitely not a quick process. But most assuredly a fun one. 

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