color that makes me smile

October 16, 2018

color that makes me smile

I'm knitting away on a garter stitch shawl that I took with me on our recent trip to Kansas City. Absolutely perfect travel counting, no pattern, no thinking:)

This one is the Vintage Sall by Raina K. It's a beautiful crescent shaped shawl with a knitted on lace border. I'll be on the garter stitch for a while, since I'm not in any hurry. 

But I am loving this color...Nectar.

Especially since we've had so many cloudy and rainy days recently. (Actually, it's been a very rainy and wet year. According to my phone, we've had more rain than the Pacific Northwest this year!)

Anyway, this lovely color is making me smile. A gentle peachy-pinky-salmony kind of color with a lovely fuzz thanks to the Everlasting Sock Yarn I'm using.


Do you gravitate toward certain colors when the weather is gloomy?

Do you have a favorite travel project?

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