Applique daisies

November 17, 2021

Applique daisies

This is the small quilt I made as a test for my plan to make an album quilt.

I have thoroughly enjoyed putting these blocks together and hand quilting them. 
There are just 4 of these daisies with a simple sashing and border, but I'm really laying on the hand quilting "thickly". 

Applique Daisies - October House Fiber Arts Journal

As you can tell, I've done a crosshatch in the background of each block. Let's just say that doesn't go quickly. I've moved on to the sashing now, but I'm still thinking about how to quilt the border. I'd like to do a feather of some type, but I'm still thinking about that!

Meanwhile, I'm making plans to start planning a small album quilt...probably 4 blocks again. That seems to be a good "sample size" for me.

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