Three shawls

May 06, 2020

Three shawls

One of the truly disappointing things about the cancellation of this year's DFW Fiber Fest was no one got to see three absolutely beautiful shawls.

three shawls - october house fiber arts journal

I usually try to have a few new samples in my booth each year (I'm better at this some years more than others...) especially showcasing new or new-ish colorways.

And boy, was I set for this year! Kay Meadors, of Natural State Knits, kindly offered to supply a couple of shawls for me. She picked out a few colors and before I could even blink, it seemed, she was done! 

I opened the box and there were three shawls! Three beautiful shawls:

Shawl #1 is Laurel Lace in Dried Lavender. The pattern is called the Fanfare Lace Shawl by Kay.  It's crocheted with beautiful beading added to the hem. It's so soft and light!

 three beautiful shawls - fanfare lace shawl - dried lavender - october house fiber arts journal

Shawl #2 is Cottage Sock in Tartlette. The pattern is the Camhanaich Shawlette. It's also crocheted with beads along the border. Soft and squooshy, I think this will make a perfect "scarf". Camhanaich is a Scottish word meaning "early morning light" lovely is that?

 three beautiful shawls - tartlette - camhanaich shawlette - october house fiber arts journal

Shawl #3 is MCS Fingering in Blackbird. The pattern is the Solasta Shawl and it's just stunning. I'm telling cannot do this shawl justice. It's just gorgeous and the drape of it with the beads is fantastic. It just feels good around your shoulders. And look at the little beads...they're square. I love them! If you look closely, you can probably see where I drooled all over it:)

three beautiful shawls - solasta shawl - blackbird - october house fiber arts journal

three beautiful shawls - solasta shawl - blackbird - october house fiber arts journal

Kay is working on a new website for her business, but you can get in touch with her through her Facebook page and check out her patterns on Ravelry


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