Summer Stitches - Blue Summer

July 22, 2022

Summer Stitches - Blue Summer

It's probably not a secret that I love blue. It's a color that pops up regularly in my designs. But even when my final design is in other colors, I usually at some point think to myself, "I wonder what that would look like in blue?"

So, two of my Summer Stitches projects were to re-stitch a couple of my own designs in blues.

First up was Do Come In, which is a perfect design for stitching in your favorite color. There are only two colors in the chart - you just need a dark and a light version of whichever color you choose. No surprise here, I chose blue!

Summer Blues - October House Fiber Arts Journal

My blue version is stitched on 32 count Attic Lace by Lakeside Linens. I used Weeks Dye Works in Blue Jeans and Morris Blue. Stitched 2 over 2.

(I keep my projects folded in the their project bag until I'm ready to finish them. So I don't iron them until I'm about to lace. Hence, you'll see a lot of wrinkly projects here.)

I bought a little farmhouse white (the actual color is "Heirloom") frame for it from The Rusty Roof on Etsy and I just need to lace it and pop it in there and it's ready to hang.

 Summer Stitches - Blue Summer - October House Fiber Arts Journal

I've also kitted up Sew Blessed in blues, and I'm planning to start it as soon as I get another smallish design finished. (Hopefully before July is over!) Once it's stitched, I'll share my blue conversion here in my Journal.

Summer Stitches - Blue Summer - October House Fiber Arts Journal

At some point I would love to stitch blue versions of Rosamonde Sampler and Socks on the Line as well. But that will probably have to wait for another summer! 

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