Summer Stitches - Spring Primrose

July 19, 2022

Summer Stitches - Spring Primrose

I tend to be guilty of over-planning my summer projects. All those summer days stretching out in front of me at the beginning of June tend to seem endless and full of possibility. And accordingly, I tend to over-book my spare time. 

Even so, this year, I was determined to do some personal stitching and sewing projects. Since I stitch all my own models, I spend the majority of my stitching time working on October House projects.

But I'm still a fan of other designers and I have my own list of "I need to stitch that" projects. 

One that's been in my TO DO pile is Spring Primrose by Petal Pusher. I met Barbie at Nashville 2020, where we were both first time exhibitors. I loved this the moment I saw it!

Summer Stitches - October House Fiber Arts Journal - Spring Primrose by Petal Pusher

I pulled slightly quieter colors for my version and I decided to stitch it on WDW Aspen, 36 count (mostly because I had a perfect size piece!) and off I went.

The flowers and stems were first, then I added the leaves. The flowerpot was next, then I outlined the blue background and started filling it in. I left off the corner flowers. 

Filling in is relaxing to me, a lot like sock knitting. I started this on June 9 and finished it on June 30 and I love it!

Summer Stitches - October House Fiber Arts Journal - Spring Primrose by Petal Pusher

My color conversion: 
WDW Red Pear for the flowers
WDW Scuppernong for the stems and leaves
GAST Freestone Peach and Cidermill Brown for the flower pot
WDW Fathom for the navy background

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to frame it, or finish it in a tray like Barbie did. Even if I do the tray finish, I'll hang it on the wall.

Spring Primrose - October House Fiber Arts Journal


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