patisserie sock club K A L

June 12, 2019

patisserie sock club K A L

The final box for the Patisserie Sock Club was mailed out a couple of days ago, and I say we celebrate all things Patisserie with a Knit-A-Long!

I won't spoil it for those who haven't gotten their box yet, but when you receive it, you'll see all 3 colorways in the Patisserie Sock Club were created to work together. And what better way is there to "work together" in knitting speak than a Knit-A-Long?
I'm hosting a stress-free, easy going KAL for all Patisserie Sock Club members, if you'd like to knit your Patisserie yarns along with me for the next few months!

  1. Start date: June 24
  2. You must use yarns from the Patisserie Club to be eligible for prizes. You can use all of them and knit a shawl (like me) or you can just use one and knit a pair of socks, mitts, a hat or anything else you want.
  3. WIPs (works in progress) are welcome, so if you've already started a project, that's great. 
  4. Double-dipping in other KALs totally allowed!
  5. Post your WIP and FO photos in the KAL thread in the Ravelry group.
  6. End date: September 30
If you're not a member of the Patisserie Sock Club, but would like to participate in the KAL by knitting other October House yarns, I'd love that! You'll be eligible for one prize - randomly chosen from the KAL thread in the Ravelry group.

PRIZES: I'll be giving away 3 different prizes:
  1. 1 FREE SOCK CLUB MEMBERSHIP - To be eligible: any knitter who finishes a 3-color shawl with Patisserie yarn and posts FO pictures in the thread by the deadline (September 30).
  2. 1 Skein of yarn - To a random knitter who knits multiple items with Patisserie yarn.
  3. 1 Skein of yarn - Random winner chosen by me - all posts are eligible.

I've made a list of 3 color shawl suggestions below, if you're looking for a project. These are shawls that appealed to me, so feel free to add to this list:
  1. 3 Color Cashmere Shawl by Joji Locatelli
  2. A Girl's Best Friend by Isabell Kramer
  3. Briola by Katrin Schubert
  4. Imani by Tamy Gore
  5. Impressionist's Shawl by Helen Stewart
  6. Jacob's Ladder Shawl by Marion Crivelli
  7. Maritime by Vanessa Ewing
  8. Namibia by Tamy Gore
  9. Sarsons by Knot Mountain Knit Co.
  10. Suburban Wrap by Joji Locatelli
  11. Sunset Beach by Paula King
  12. Terzetto by Lisa Hannes

I'm planning to knit the Impressionist's Shawl by Helen Stewart...because it's gorgeous. The plan is to use Patisserie for Color A, Lemon Bar for Color B, and the June Club colorway for Color C.

I'm excited! Are you in?

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