Once Upon a Tree - a yarn advent calendar

May 24, 2019

Once Upon a Tree - a yarn advent calendar

ETA: We're sold out for this year! I'm so sorry if you weren't able to get a box this year, but I am definitely planning to do more boxes next year:) Thank you for the terrific response!

We're jumping in this year with our first yarn advent calendar box. We had so many requests for this, so I'm happy to introduce our first one! 

Sign-ups will open on Saturday, June 1st. If you're wondering what our box will be like, here are a few clues: 

About the theme:

Once Upon a Tree

once upon a tree

Growing up (and even now) decorating the tree was one of my favorite things of the season. Collecting ornaments, planning different themes and color schemes - these were all right up my alley. One year we hand painted dozens of ceramic ornaments. Another year we did all gold and cream. Another year was a Nutcracker theme.

Now we have a wonderful collection of ornaments that we've slowly added to over the years and almost all of them have a special meaning or bring back a special memory. I'll be taking inspiration from our own beloved ornaments as I create the colorways for this box. 

That doesn't mean it will be a box of reds and greens...oh no. While you'll see a red and green or two, these will be my interpretation of our vintage ornaments combined with my usual color sense and my love of "quiet colors". There will be a mix of colors and they will not be "holiday" only colors.

What will be in the box?

Well, of course there will be yarn. You'll get 24 mini skeins (20g each) and 1 full skein (100g) to open on Christmas Day. There will be a few different yarn bases, but they will all be fingering weight yarn.

There will be several "goodies" as well. I don't want to spoil the surprise by telling you too much about these, but they will all be things I love. There will be one or two knitting related items, but most of them won't be knitting specific. Some of them will be things to eat or drink.

There will be things that smell good in this box. If you have allergies or sensitivities to scents, this probably isn't the box for you.

Everything will be packaged and tagged with the day you're to open them. 

All of our packaging is designed and created by me. If you're familiar with our Sock Club, you'll have seen watercolors and sketches painted by me (like the tree above) used on notecards, recipe cards or as part of the box packaging.

When will it ship?

The boxes will go out the last week of October to ensure everybody gets their box in plenty of time to begin Advent on December 1st.

Since this is a special pre-order and there is such a big gap between ordering and shipping, we'll be asking that you purchase this item by itself. This will make our bookkeeping so much easier, and we thank you in advance for understanding what a big project this is!

How much does it cost?

The box will be $210 (US) plus shipping.

We will be offering these boxes to those outside the US. It will weigh a few pounds so unfortunately the shipping will not be cheap. The lowest rates we can come up with would be approximately $40 (US) to Canada and $60 (US) everywhere else. 

For those in the US, shipping will be about $17. 

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