Sock club news

June 15, 2021

Sock club news

I've been thinking and thinking of the best way to break this news, and I've come to the conclusion there really isn't one.


This past January, I injured my shoulder/collarbone and I began having a lot of trouble with my right arm. Anything that involved lifting my arm above my head repeatedly or pulling and gripping was causing problems. It wouldn't bother me at the moment, but a day or two later I would have pain radiating down to my hand, along with a loss of strength in both my arm and hand.

Needless to say, this makes hand dyeing yarn very difficult! With an incredible amount of help from my sweet husband, we managed to get each month's Sock Club yarn prepped, dyed, rinsed, hung to dry, finished, twisted and labeled. There is no way I would've been able to get the clubs out without Jimmy doing almost all the work. He is amazing!

We assumed my shoulder would get better (and it has improved) and so I went ahead with the 2nd quarter Sock Club. But now with the 3rd quarter staring me in the face, I know I have to take a break and give my body time to heal.

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I'm hoping a good rest for the remainder of the year will do the trick, but I've decided not to put a time frame on it. 

It will take however long it has to take...if you know what I mean:)

This is also why you haven't seen any yarn shop updates on my website this year. There is a little bit of yarn still in the shop, but there won't be any new yarn for the rest of this year.

Many of you have become such sweet friends of mine through this club, and I really don't like disappointing you. I've also had such a wonderful time exploring each theme and coming up with different colorways and goodies...I know I'll miss that creative outlet.

BUT, there is one bright side. This injury does not affect my cross stitching, and I've been able to pour a lot of creative energy into designing new patterns. So, you will be seeing regular releases in the coming months.

And let me just say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased a Sock Club subscription, especially those of you who have been such devoted subscribers. I have been so blessed to have a passionate group of knitters support my business. You are fabulous!!


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