neglected WIPs

August 23, 2018

neglected WIPs

My personal knitting has been crawling along like a lethargic snail. I get a row or two in here and there, but there's not been a lot of progress this summer. 

In the spring, I'm always cruising along - happily knitting away - and making all kinds of summer knitting plans. Then summer actually hits, and wham! It's so hot and muggy and sticky that I don't even want to think about touching wool. 

You would think after a few years I would know this about myself. And yet, each year I make grand summer knitting plans. (Oh yeah, I'm gonna make you and me sweaters, and a shawl, and mittens, and socks, and...) And every year, I'm lucky if I get one thing finished in the summer...and it's usually socks.

Inevitably, I turn toward needlework (sewing and cross stitch) as the summer heats up. And then, along towards the end of August (about now, ahem) I start to dream about fall knitting.

Actually, I start to dream about fall. In general. Cool days, even cooler nights. No humidity. No bugs. You know, real life. Where you're not just thinking of ways to not sweat.

And I start to drag out neglected projects. And knit a little more. And a little more.

So, those socks in the picture above? From spring? They're getting a little love:) Along with a few other things.


How about you? Do you have seasonal knitting habits?

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