Let your love shine - #bewellandstitch freebie

March 23, 2020

Let your love shine - #bewellandstitch freebie

Here's my little contribution to the #bewellandstitch movement. Let your LOVE shine!

let your love shine freebie - october house fiber arts journal

These are strange days, indeed! It seems very strange that just a couple of weeks ago we were at Nashville, talking and visiting, having a fabulous time - I honestly don't remember more than a couple of casual mentions about the coronavirus - and now we're all doing everything we can to keep ourselves and others from getting sick.

There are many ways we can show God's love during this time...maybe the simplest is by following the recommendations given by our leaders to keep our distance physically. In that way, we can show our consideration for others, by not putting them at risk. Of course, we're very blessed that there are many ways to connect socially - technology has made that very easy.

And...there's plenty of time for stitching! So, please, please, please - if you are able - contact a needlework shop and order some linen and threads to stitch my design!

Download the free PDF here.

SHOPS: Permission granted to shops to copy and distribute. Shops may kit the chart. Not for resale.

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Kim brown
Kim brown

May 18, 2024

Thank you for this beautiful encouraging pattern.

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