Joyeux Noel Sock Set

September 14, 2020

Joyeux Noel Sock Set

Well, it took me a while to get this ready...but it's here! 

Joyeux Noel Sock Set is a new twist on our Christmas sock sets. Because this one includes a handmade project bag! This is my first time to offer a project bag as part of a pre-order and I'm really excited about it!

Pre-orders open tomorrow, Tuesday, September 15. I'll send a newsletter when they open, so make sure you're signed up. (I mistakenly wrote Wednesday in my first email...but it is actually Tuesday:)

joyeux noel sock set

sock in progress - joyeaux noel sock set - october house fiber arts journal

If you got one of our Advent boxes last year, you may recognize this was one of the minis. I knew as soon as I dyed it, that I would be making it a colorway for this year. I loved it immediately! 

I had a batch of skeins laying on my studio counter and I happened to have a yard of fabric next to them. (I have been sewing a lot.) It was serendipity, because they looked fabulous together! A little seed was planted and I started thinking about making a project bag to coordinate with the yarn.

After a few prototypes, I came up with my favorite bag:

joyeaux noel project bag - october house fiber arts journal

I tend to prefer zip bags these days, and I like them kinda short-ish. As far as I'm concerned, this bag is the perfect height at just under 7 inches. It's pink and, yum! I've lined it with a great snowflake print and used a snowflake zipper pull. And of course, the little ornament patch just finishes it off!

So, there are a couple of options for this set. Each complete Sock Set comes with:
One full skein of Joyeux Noel - you'll choose which yarn base from a menu
One handmade by me Project Bag
One mini skein - you'll have a choice of 2 color options

Plus several goodies, which will include:
An ornament
Something delicious to eat
...and a couple of other surprises (I don't want to give it all away!)

I've also made options to 

-order the box without the project bag - you get all the goodies and the yarn, just no bag
-or just the yarn only, no extras. If you're not interested in all the goodies, this option is for you:)


evergreen option - joyeaux noel sock set - october house fiber arts journal

frosted option - joyeaux noel sock set - october house fiber arts journal

Orders will begin shipping in November and will go out no later than November 15, 2020.

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