Inklings of fall

September 15, 2023

Inklings of fall

September is a great month in my neck of the woods. The humidity finally drops down and you can see the change in the light. There's an ever-so-slight turning in the color of the leaves. It's nice to actually feel like being outdoors again after the heat and humidity of August.

My interest in knitting takes a little jump up. I've cast on a couple of new socks this week. (The sock below is an old one, but I cast on another pair in that color.)

sock knitting - October House Fiber Arts Journal

I always seem to have a spurt of creativity when the weather changes, so there are always lots of new design ideas bubbling up in September. I tend to start a lot of new designs in the fall that may not be seen again for a while, but that gets them "locked" into my head somehow. (Winsome & Wise was one of those I started one fall and it feels fallish to me, especially since it's stitched in Gentle Art's Simply Wool.)

Winsome & Wise by October House Fiber Arts

I'm looking forward to those days when it's cool enough to sit underneath a quilt that I'm slowly hand quilting :)

pansies and mums - October House Fiber Arts Journal 

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