hard decisions

June 14, 2017

hard decisions

Being a small business owner, most of the business decisions I make are pretty easy, or at least they flow from where the business is going. And for the most part, it's usually about saying "yes" to something. Yes to adding a new yarn base, yes to doing a fiber festival, yes to wholesale accounts. 

But with success sometimes comes the need to make decisions you don't really want to make. I'm at that point right now with a couple of things. Since I value my sanity, I've decided to make a couple of changes that are hard, but necessary.

First, I will be phasing out the Fiber Club this year. Everyone who has a current subscription will receive the club until their subscription is through. But I won't be renewing any Fiber Club subscriptions as they run out. 

Second, we will be producing no additional spinning fiber for the shop throughout the year, with the exception of the weeks surrounding Ply Away. Our fiber focus each year will be our attendance at Ply Away, and producing a good selection for that show. Anything left over will be in the shop in the weeks after the show.

These were not easy decisions. Even though in one way, I already knew what I needed to do. Since October House Fiber Arts began, I've always made decisions based on what was in my heart, and what my gut instinct told me. And that's been pretty darn successful. 

So, my heart has been leading me in a couple of new directions. There will be some new things coming (yay!), but that also means that these things have to take a back seat. I should note that there are no changes to the yarn production or the Sock Club. Our yarns are the center of October House and they will continue to have the spotlight!

I appreciate your understanding, and as always, I am so thankful for your support of our small business!


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