Puzzles and Pie

November 29, 2022

Puzzles and Pie

I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is already over...and December is staring us right in the face!

We had a very low-key and relaxing holiday with lots of time for stitching, knitting and reading. We didn't do too much food and just had a couple of favorite dishes. 

I did make a pumpkin pie, though. I love pumpkin pie...always have. I remember in my twenties, whenever we would eat at a cafe or restaurant that had pies for dessert (hello, Marie Callender's) I would always order pumpkin pie. No matter what month it was. I just loved it.

The other thing we enjoyed over the weekend was putting together a puzzle!

Puzzles and Pie - October House Fiber Arts Journal

I'm not sure how many years it's been since we did a puzzle, but it has to be at least 8-10 years. Happily, our puzzle skills were still in shape and we had it finished in two days. Minus one piece that seems to be missing.

I can see more puzzles in our holiday future :)


Sweet Pleasure - Puzzles and Pie - October House Fiber Arts Journal

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