Fresh starts

January 04, 2023

Fresh starts

I love a fresh start, don't you? 

I think that's one of the reasons I love January so much. I also enjoy the quiet, secluded quality of January. Time to rest and reflect after the hubbub and celebration of the holidays. Nowhere to go, not much to do...nice!

Of course, turning the calendar to a new year holds all kinds of promise and possibility. Since I've been using a bullet journal the last few years, I usually spend the last week of December preparing my journal pages for the new year.

I got a new fountain pen for Christmas, which definitely makes all the journal writing more fun! I have a mild penchant for fountain pens. I tend to prefer practical pens that can go anywhere and aren't too fussy. The little navy blue Kaweco is the newest addition and I love it. I'm using a blue-black ink and it makes me smile.

Fresh Start - bullet journal - October House Fiber Arts Journal

As well as looking back over the year that's finishing. I've made a yearly wrap-up page for the past couple of years (you can see 2021 above) and I'm going to continue that practice. I list all the books I read, plus any poems or scripture I memorized during that year. I list any notable events or happenings, plus a month by month highlight. 

It's always fun to try out a new page spread for the new year. I've got a few things that I always like to have on my weekly spreads, but it can be helpful to change things up a bit and try it in a new way.

Do you keep a bullet journal or diary of some kind? 

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