Endless Summer - celebrating summer colorways

July 30, 2020

Endless Summer - celebrating summer colorways

No doubt about it, this has been a strange year. No arguments there, right?

Perhaps, like me, you feel a bit like you're in a time warp. I know it's summer, the temperature definitely feels like summer, we've done a number of things we usually do every summer...but it still doesn't quite feel like

Summer! - october house fiber arts journal
The "boys of summer" (MLB baseball) are just getting going, there are no church picnics, no summer blockbusters, no "come on over and we'll grill out" get togethers.

BUT, there are summer colors!

I've been busy, busy dying up a bunch of my favorite summertime colorways just because I want to extend the season a little longer. A little more fun-in-the-sun kinda feeling. (I've also added a few new ones, too!)

This year - especially this year - I need a little more summer in my life. A few more weeks to feel carefree and casual. Anybody else?

endless summer - october house fiber arts journal

Here are a few particulars:

  • I'll send an email to my newsletter subscribers next Thursday (August 6) when the shop update is live. 
  • Some of my most popular bases are in short supply right now (like a lot of things, new shipments have been affected by covid-19), but I've got plenty of other choices, including a new limited edition base that could become a regular. 
  • I had planned to have new batches of Mini Skein Sets, but minis are just unavailable right now. Plus, I know other dyers who are doing advent boxes this year are scrambling to get the all the minis they need. Since I don't need them, I'd much rather let them have what's available.  

This does mean I'll be pivoting a little bit on my plans for a special Christmas Sock Set - but, I've got a couple of ideas up my sleeve. I'm working out the details on that right now. So hopefully I'll be able to open the pre-order for that later in August.

But for right now...hello summer! Hello sunshine!


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