End of summer ramblings

August 22, 2019

End of summer ramblings

Wow, it's hard to believe August is nearly over. The summer seemed to zip by in a flash. Or is it just because the older I get the quicker the months fly by? Either way, September is almost upon us and that means October (my favorite month) is right behind!

This summer saw several good things:

-We got a new back splash, lighting and wallpaper in our kitchen. A long overdue upgrade to our vintage house.

-I've been dyeing mini skeins for our first Yarn Advent Calendar. There have been minis, minis and more minis...all over the house, it seems! I've got to start getting creative about storage until we start putting the boxes together.

-We finally saw an end to the weeks and months of rain and more rain! Along about July it finally seemed to dry up and we've had weeks (!) and weeks of sunshine and blue skies. I really needed that!

-My cross stitch fever continues unabated and I'm working on several new designs for October House, as well as doing some personal stitching of my favorite designers, Blackbird Designs. I finished this little pincushion a few weeks ago, and I just got it fully finished this week.

summer iris FFO - october house fiber arts journal

I stuffed it with walnut shells scented with lavender, so I keep sniffing it. I'm going to get a poke in the nose one of these days!

-There's a new yarn "series" in the works, which should be launching next month. I haven't done one since the Sketchbook Series, and this one will be like that yet not like that:)

-And most importantly - my husband, Jimmy, who has been dealing with a pretty severe health issue for well over a year, seems to have turned a corner and is seeing definite improvement. Prayers answered!

Now I'm looking forward to fall and all the woolly goodness that comes with it:)

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