A little gift for you...

December 16, 2022

A little gift for you...

The holly’s up, the house is all bright,
The tree is ready, the candles alight:
Rejoice and be glad, all children tonight!
  - From a German carol by P. Cornelius

December winds are blowing (and rain is falling, even though I wish it was snow) and the time to make merry is here! Our tree is up and we are rejoicing!

This is the time of year I always enjoy thumbing through the pages of my old Victoria magazines. There’s always an old quote or carol that just sets the mood. Plus, a lot of my holiday memories of decorating, baking and shopping are wrapped up in those pages. 

Bonne Annee 2023 - October House Fiber Arts Journal

While I don’t have a “Christmas” ornament freebie, I thought it would be nice to have an easy project that can be stitched during the festive moments. And then you have a nice memento to start the new year…and one for next year’s tree.

Who knows, this may become an annual tradition!

If you would like to finish your ornament like mine, you can follow the Peppermint Lane Tutorial on my website. It's not exactly the same shape, but the process is exactly the same. 

The template for the Bonne Annee 2023 ornament shape is included in the PDF you can download here:

 Click here to download the PDF pattern - October House Fiber Arts Journal

Bonne Annee 2023 - October House Fiber Arts Journal - back view

Above is a shot of the back of the ornament. You can tell I love this pink fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics, since I use it all the time. It's from Amy Sinibaldi's Mayfair collection and it goes with everything!

I hope you enjoy stitching this little gift!

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December 29, 2022

Thank you for this sweet stitch!

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