works in progress

September 20, 2018

works in progress

Well, the knitting mojo has returned! 

We got a few days of low humidity, low 70's temps a couple of weeks ago and that, along with all the fall magazines and pattern releases, got me excited to knit, knit, knit.

It's kind of funny, as the owner of a yarn company, to admit that I don't always feel like knitting. But it's just true. Hey, I live in Arkansas - and hot, humid weather just isn't always conducive to knitting. But, summer is waning and knitting season is dead ahead!


So what's on the needles?

I'm plugging away on my Stitch Sampler Pullover. I'm on the second sleeve and I'm hoping I get this done in time for an upcoming trip. I love this color (Clover) and I think it's a good match for the pattern. 

Stitch Sampler Sweater in progress - October House Fiber Arts journal

I'm using one of my discontinued yarns, Trellis, for this. It's a lovely, springy yarn...very squishy. But it's actually very similar to Sojourn Sport, which is why I made the decision to let it go. Still, it takes the dye beautifully, doesn't it?

I cast off a pair of socks last week, so I cast on another pair in my favorite sock yarn, Everlasting Sock. This is the Hopskotch colorway. I'm not sure what kind of socks they're going to be just yet. I've got a couple of sock ideas rambling around in my head, so they may be a new pattern. We'll see:)

Everlasting Sock Yarn in Hopskotch - October House Fiber Arts journal


Back at the beginning of the year, I listed all my crafty plans for 2018 (on my old blog). Ah, best laid plans and all that. 

Anyway, I thought I'd check up on myself and see how I've done, since we're about to enter the last quarter of the year. 



Stitch Sampler Sweater by Holli Yeoh in the Fall 2016 issue of Vogue Knitting
Granito by Joji Locatelli
Classic Cardigan by Sandi Prosser in the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Vogue Knitting
a cardigan for Jimmy (still looking at patterns)
Silver Leaf Cardi by Hannah Fettig in the first issue of Making
V-Neck Cardigan by Julie Wiesenberger in the Winter 16/17 issue of Vogue Knitting
A couple of new hats and mittens for each of us would also be nice

I had 6 sweaters listed, and I'm still working on #1. I have picked out a pattern for Jimmy's sweater and I've got ideas for another one for me, but cripes! Seriously, I need to buckle down and get some sweaters knit.

New hats and mittens for each of us - I have actually got one new hat finished.  

Overall grade: D



2 blouses (I have ideas, but haven't found any specific patterns yet)
2 pair of pants
4 pairs of pajamas
2 bed quilts
2 lap quilts that can also be tablecloths
2 tote bags (Riverside Tote and The Townie Bag)
6 project bags
6 pouches
2 english paper pieced baskets
a handmade collar and harness for Riley

That was a list of garments! And well...I've made a pair of pj's. Oy.

I'm actually about 2/3 through one new bed quilt. So, okay.

Lap quilts - one, and I did make a mini quilt too

Tote bags - Yes! I made the Riverside Tote (and I love it) and I'm about to finish a second bag.

6 project bags - a big fat zero

6 pouches - I made one

2 english paper pieced basket - nope

Riley's stuff - I have at least thought about it...does that count?

Overall grade: C


C R O S S  S T I T C H

I didn't enumerate anything since I mostly stitch for October House. But I have released 2 new charts this year. And I've got 3 coming, yay!

Overall grade: A

Bloom and Grow Cross Stitch Pattern - October House Fiber Arts journal

Obviously, I need to work on either scaling back my plans, more focus on plans I do make, or probably best - a combination of both. 

But hey, the year's not over and you never know when a whirlwind of creative activity will happen!

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