January 23, 2019

Nectar shawl - October House Fiber Arts journal

I'm completely stuck with this shawl:

Nectar shawl in progress - October House Fiber Arts journal

Everything was going along great for the garter stitch part. Easy, mindless knitting that I don't have to use any brain cells to do. I love the color and the Everlasting Sock is one of my favorite yarns. I was zooming along and then...screech!

knitted on lace border - October House Fiber Arts journal

You add a knitted on border, which I love the look of, but I'm just stuck there. I'd love to think that I'll slowly but surely work on it and get this done and have a beautiful border to show for it, but I think I know better.

The truth is I just don't have the mindset right now to devote to looking at a chart and inching my way along for 400 rows. I need a lace border that is pretty but easily memorized so I can knit along row by row and have a finished shawl sooner rather than later.

So, I'll be tinking back these few rows and looking for a nice border pattern...any suggestions?


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