Friday Favorite: Magnifiers

April 12, 2024

Friday Favorite: Magnifiers

Like a lot of stitchers, I wouldn't be able to stitch without magnification. I'm already fairly blind without my glasses and those little holes in the linen just disappear without some help :)

I used to stitch using a stand or a q-snap, and for those methods I used a simple magnifier that clipped onto the q-snap itself.

When I started stitching in hand, I tried a few different methods. At first, I just used two pairs of glasses. I tried a couple of different kinds of clip-ons and when I found these, I immediately loved them:

These are the StarMag Clip-on Spectacle Magnifiers and I have quite a few boxes in reserve :) 

These allow me to see my stitching clearly and easily without being a whole "set up" or "station" I'm tied to. I can stitch anywhere I feel like, as long as there is decent light. Especially during this time of year (spring) when my husband and I spend a lot of time on the back patio - these allow me to take my stitching with me without a lot of fuss or setting up. And that means more time to stitch!


What's your favorite magnifier?


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