1st quarter Sock Club sign-ups are open!

December 14, 2020

1st quarter Sock Club sign-ups are open!

Our Sock Club is back for a new year!

Classic Movie Night is the theme as we stroll through a few classic movies! We'll celebrate one movie each month for three months. If you thrill to the sight of glamorous fashions, beautiful sets and happy endings, get your ticket now.

Each movie features iconic stars that were full of charisma, character and class. If you're like me, and you think they just don't make 'em like they used to...this club is for you!

Even though the movie may (or may not) be in black and white, that doesn't mean the colorway will be! I'll be taking inspiration from some aspect of each movie - whether it's a beautiful dress, a setting, a character or some other detail- so you'll get an exclusive colorway in my color palette.

Classic Movie Night - 2021 1st Qtr Sock Club - october house fiber arts journal

As always, you'll get a carefully curated box each month that features a custom hand-dyed colorway based on the theme as well as several goodies.

These might include things like:

-stitch markers or progress markers
-a coordinating mini skein
-chocolate or candy, tea or coffee samples
-notecards, gift tags, bookmarks
-ornaments, recipes, small kits
or who knows what else!

Club packages are mailed out on the 10th of each month (or as close to it as possible) for the length of your membership. The shipping costs are included in the price.

For a look at the Sock Clubs from last year, click here.

Please be aware these sell out very quickly!

Please Note - I'm not selling any Canadian or International spots this quarter, since shipping anything out of the country is incredibly unpredictable these days! Sorry! Hopefully, this situation will get better soon.

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