COLORWAY: Precious Metals
FIBER CONTENT: 100% Silk Hankies (Mawata)
WEIGHT: 26 grams (about .90 ounce)

Fiber is in stock and ready to ship!

Silk hankies are very versatile. Each hankie is made up of multiple layers which can be separated and drafted. Each layer of a silk hankie is made from a single silk cocoon, stretched over a square frame. Once drafted, you can spin these into a beautiful and strong yarn, you can knit directly from the drafted hankie or you can use them in felting.

This fiber was hand-dyed by me in shades of silver, gold, bronze and copper.

All of our spinning fibers are hand dyed in small batches with professional acid dyes, which are color and light fast, in our non-smoking, dog friendly home studio. 

We triple rinse all of our fibers, but some colors may bleed slightly upon first wash. This product or any finished products should be gently hand washed in cool water and air dried.


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